Virus Index

uHoo’s Virus Index – a brilliant innovation

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For several years uHoo has been helping people around the world to understand the quality of indoor air they breathe at home and at work. It has been a boon, not only to those with respiratory problems but also those with infants and young children.

Never has air quality been more important. World-class studies by eminent international scientists have shown that polluted air has a far greater impact on people’s lives than we ever imagined. From formation of the foetus to physical development, to ongoing health and wellness, cognitive performance, mental health and life expectancy. And more.

Much of the scientific focus has been on outdoor environmental air quality but with people spending over 90% of their time indoors, the issue indoor air quality (IAQ) has become very high priority.

The onset of the dreadful COVID-19 pandemic has added a new dimension of urgency. The quality of air we breathe at home and at work is central to our well-being and longevity.

The uHoo team observed and studied scientific evidence that the quality of indoor air is fundamental to the survival of viruses of all types.

The team realised that uHoo’s monitors were already reporting the parameters which influence on the survival of viruses.

Taking into account those key parameters, they developed a world-first algorithm to determine if the air quality would be likely to enhance or impede the survival of viruses.

And the uHoo Virus Index was born!

Virus Index Categories

The development of the index showed that good indoor air quality* actively impedes the survival of viruses. (* i.e. good for our general health and the maintenance of our immune systems.

Conversely, poor indoor air quality favours the survival of viruses.


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