How will this benefit me?

Knowing the quality of air you breathe helps you make better decisions on the products you use and your habits so you can live a healthier life. Conditions like asthma, hay fever and allergies are triggered by allergens and toxins that are present in the air that you breathe. With a uHoo indoor air quality monitor, you would know what is in the air you breathe.

What’s the main difference between uHoo and competing products?

Other air monitors on the market tend to focus on only a select few air quality indicators. Some even use sensors as proxys with algorithms in order to “detect” a pollutant.

uHoo’s technology is the most advanced, with nine dedicated sensors built in to an aesthetically beautiful, compact yet robust monitor. uHoo indoor air quality monitors detects more chemicals, particles and toxins than any others in its class.

What comes in the box?

The boxes for uHoo “LITE” and uHoo “PRO” each include a uHoo monitor, a 1.5m micro-USB cable, a UK 13-amp power adaptor. The smartphone and web-based apps can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Play Store.

NOTE: These are shown in the stores as “uHoo” and “uHoo for Business” for “LITE” and “PRO” respectively.

Optional accessories include:

  • A clamp & screws to fix uHoo to a wall or panel
  • A high performance 2.5m USB cable (20AWG)
  • A high performance 3.0m USB cable (20AWG)

How can I track my health?

Sufferers of asthma and allergies can take it a step further by using the Health Diary. You can record information about how you are feeling at any given time and how it may correspond to the air quality of the room you’re in. You can also set up personalised alerts so you stay ahead of the curve.

What’s your privacy policy?

Your data is safely stored in our cloud servers. We do not use your data for marketing or share it with any third party. We comply with the UK’s Data Protection Act.

How portable is uHoo and can I travel with it?

uHoo is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. It weighs only 265 grams (9.3 ounces), 16.3cm (6.3 inches) tall and 8.6cm (3.4 inches) in diameter.

How easy is it to read the information?

The alerts and messages are written in simple everyday language so it’s easy for you to understand. Each sensor is also colour-coded based on what it detects. Green is good, yellow is still alright, while red is unhealthy. You have the option to view each data point in more detail.

Will this system be able to monitor a whole house, or would I need to purchase multiple sensors for a two-level home?

How air flows inside your home is dependent on its design. Doors, walls and partitions restrict the flow of air, thus the air in one room will be different from another if the doors are constantly kept closed. The air on one floor in your home would probably be different from another level. It is best to place uHoo in the area of your home where most people spend their time in because that’s what matters.

Can it prepare reports to be given to my doctor or allergist?

You would be able to show your doctor or allergist your indoor air quality information as well as your Health Diary. These are designed to be easily readable and referenced at any time.


How much is delivery?

Delivery rates will vary depending on the quantity you buy and your location in the UK or Eire

Do I have to pay VAT?

In the UK and Eire you will have to pay VAT.


What types of sensors does uHoo have?

With nine dedicated sensors, uHoo is the most comprehensive indoor air quality monitor in the market. uHoo has sensors for Temperature (°C), Relative Humidity (%), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), PM 2.5 (Dust), Air Pressure mBar, Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Ozone (O3).

Does it have a filter to clean the air?

uHoo does not filter the air, but provides you with the data you need to make the changes that matter. When you receive an alert about the air quality, the uHoo app will also automatically provide recommendations on what you can do at that moment for better air quality. The data that uHoo provides enables you to make healthy changes.

Does uHoo have a battery?

uHoo does not have a battery. It just needs to be plugged into a power outlet, laptop, computer or power bank using one of our USB cables. Please note that the standard cable (in the box) is 1.5m long. If you need a longer cable, then we strongly recommend you use one of our high performance USB cables (a choice of 2.5m and 3.0m).

Caution: Longer ordinary USB cables are unlikely to enable the monitor to function properly.

Will it alert me to precisely what’s wrong with the air quality, not just that it's bad?

Yes, uHoo will tell you exactly which type of air quality parameter is unhealthy.

Can uHoo check for smoke too?

Yes, uHoo can check for smoke too – including cigarette smoke!

How many people can be notified at a time?

You can set uHoo to notify as many people as you want. Your family members, friends or work colleagues can also download the uHoo app and add the monitors you have into their uHoo account. You can set this within the uHoo app for every device that you have.

Does it have options to graph air quality over a period time for comparison?

Yes, you would be able to see charts on how your indoor air quality changes over time. You can view it by hour, by day, by week or by month.

What kind of maintenance does uHoo require?

All you need to do is wipe the exterior with a clean cloth. Do not use water. NEVER allow the monitor to get wet.

Any accumulated dust inside the monitor can be removed periodically (e.g. once every three to four months) by blowing air through the lower front vent using, for example, a Cole-Parmer “Dust-it” Handheld Air Blower – whilst blocking the lower rear vent.


Where can I buy it?

Right here, right now!

Do you have a setup guide?

Yes, you can view the setup guides here for both Android and iOS

What happens if my uHoo breaks or stops working (warranty)?

uHoo has a one year limited warranty. Please see our Terms and Conditions. We comply with the Consumer Rights Act 2105.

Can I get a refund?

Please see our Terms and Conditions. We comply with the Consumer Rights Act 2015

If I have other questions, who should I contact?

Please contact us with any other questions you may have.