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From pre-school play groups to universities, the success along the learning pathway is influenced by air quality. The air quality in every point of learning has a direct impact on children’s physical and mental development. Poor air quality hinders the proper development of young lungs with potential life-long consequences.

Air quality in UK education is a burgeoning issue, driven by irrefutable evidence that poor quality indoor air impacts on children’s long-term health, wellbeing, mental agility, cognitive performance, memory and learning ability.

With affordable costs, and NINE sensing parameters, the uHoo LITE monitoring system is ideally configured for smaller education centres – from pre-school playgroups to primary schools. The monitors provide instant alerts when the quality of air begins to deteriorate.

For larger educational establishments the uHoo PRO monitor system provides a comprehensive overview and detailed insight into the quality of air which students and staff are obliged to breathe.

uHoo “PRO” – Designed by professionals for professionals

And use uHoo for educational purposes

Show students what’s in the air around them. uHoo make the invisible, visible!

Both monitoring systems can be used to educate students about air quality (pollution and condition) and the impact that poor air quality can have on their long-term health.

Using uHoo PRO’s APIs, data can be relayed and displayed on video screens in classrooms, corridors, lecture theatres, assembly areas and in public reception areas.

ASSET SECURITY: Once a uHoo monitor’s MAC address has been registered on a uHoo account, it is “locked in” and cannot be transferred to another account without a formal request to us by the authorised account administrator to manually re-assign it. For example If a monitor is removed from premises, unauthorised, it becomes unusable