Public Sector

The UK public sector employs around 5.5 million people.

How many know if the air they breathe at work is polluted or not?

For the public sector, often blighted by high and costly levels of absence, staff health and wellness is a burgeoning issue driven by irrefutable evidence that poor quality indoor air impacts on long-term health, well-being, mental agility, cognitive performance and especially productivity.

Of the eight factors that create healthier offices, indoor air quality and ventilation tops the list!!

uHoo “PRO” – Designed by professionals for professionals


With affordable costs, and NINE sensing parameters, the uHoo PRO monitoring system is ideally configured for public sector organisations including those with multiple locations. PRO monitors provide a comprehensive overview and detailed insight into the quality of air which staff are obliged to breathe. The monitors provide instant alerts when the quality of air begins to deteriorate.

Use of PRO monitors requires a uHoo PRO Business Account on the uHoo cloud to which all data from monitors is automatically uploaded. The account and the management dashboard can be easily accessed by authorised users from anywhere in the world, on smart phones, tablets and PCs etc. for review and deeper analysis.

Using uHoo’s APIs, data can be relayed and displayed on video screens in work areas and in public reception areas too.

ASSET SECURITY: Once a uHoo monitor’s MAC address has been registered on a uHoo account, it is “locked in” and cannot be transferred to another account without a formal request to us by the authorised account administrator to manually re-assign it. For example, If a monitor is removed from premises, unauthorised, it becomes unusable.