Personal Use

Compact, durable, and beautifully elegant, uHoo monitors are a delight to the eye – and they’re easy and fast to use!

Placed in a room or area, uHoo;s sensors will alert you immediately when the quality and condition of the air in that location starts to deteriorate towards unhealthy levels.

For larger family homes you can install several uHoo LITE monitors and, using the uHoo app on your smartphone, instantly see the air quality in each room.

This is how data from uHoo’s sensors is presented on your smartphone

uHoo’s NINE parameters
Particulate Matter – PM2.5 Nitrogen Dioxide – NO2 Carbon Dioxide – CO2
Volatile Organic Compounds – VOCs Ozone – O3 Carbon Monoxide – CO
Temperature  – °C Relative Humidity %RH Air Pressure  – mBAR


Good quality air in the home is absolutely essential for:

  • Health and fitness of the whole family
  • Healthy growth of children and especially their young lungs, (poor quality air can significantly impair lung growth with life-long consequences.)
  • Healthy, active brains – it optimises mental agility and cognitive performance (e.g. learning, perception, reasoning, rationalising etc.)
  • Good quality sleep, helping to restore and re-energise the body for the new day ahead

And to:

  • Protect expectant mothers, the development of the foetus and especially new-born from the effects of pollutants and toxins
  • Help avoid and minimise asthmatic and allergic attacks
  • Protect the elderly who may be suffering from pulmonary disorder.
  • Help avoid and minimise mould formation caused by damp and high humidity.

uHoo makes the invisible, visible! See how polluted the air is, around you.

We spend up to 90% of our time indoors….but indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, due to human activity, dust, cleaning agents, air fresheners, paints, polishes, chemicals, deodorisers, pesticides, plus “off-gassing” of volatile organic compounds from many types of fabrics, floorings, furniture, adhesives. Add to that, inadequate ventilation and polluted air from outside…

uHoo shows you in real time the level of pollutants in the air around you and empowers you to take action to improve air quality.


And take uHoo to work with you!

And take uHoo LITE to work with you to check if the air you are obliged to breathe is healthy! Remember, it’s long and repeated exposure to poor air quality which is so very harmful. Good quality air helps you relax and concentrate. It helps your brain to function better too and, almost certainly, makes you more productive!