Poor air quality – polluted or in bad condition – has a direct negative impact on patient recovery and the wellbeing, comfort, cognitive performance and productivity of medical staff.

Every one of uHoo’s nine sensing parameters is directly relevant for better healthcare. Making the invisible, visible – it takes the guesswork out of determining whether the air which patients and staff are obliged to breathe is truly fit to breathe.

The uHoo LITE monitor system, which displays data only on smartphones, is a brilliant solution for smaller healthcare facilities such as:

  • Nursing homes
  • Care homes
  • Physio clinics
  • GP surgeries
  • Patient waiting areas
  • Dental practices
  • Care-in-the-community homes

The uHoo PRO monitoring system is ideal for larger healthcare organisations – hospitals and administrative offices – including those with multiple locations.

uHoo “PRO” – Designed by professionals for professionals

PRO monitors provide a comprehensive overview and detailed insight into the quality of air which patients breathe. The monitors provide instant alerts when the quality of air begins to deteriorate.

Using uHoo PRO’s APIs, data can be relayed and displayed on video screens in work areas and in public reception areas too.