Immediately see if the indoor air quality is helping or impeding the survival of harmful viruses.

The legendary Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System – now with the amazing airborne virus index

Whatever challenges 2022 throws at you, uHoo always keeps you informed about the air you breathe!!

Nitrogen Dioxide NO2, Particulates PM2.5 Carbon Dioxide CO2, Carbon Monoxide CO Volatile Organic Compounds tVOC Ozone O3…….. plus

Air condition:

Temperature °C, Humidity %RH, Air Pressure mBar

How polluted is the air you’re breathing?

Does the air quality support virus survival?

uHoo will show you on the airborne virus index

World-class uHoo “PRO” designed to integrate with SMART Building Automation Systems.

uHoo Indoor Air Quality Monitors

uHoo "LITE"

Perfect for Homes and Small Businesses

  • The UK’s best monitor for homes and small businesses.
  • Now with uHoo’s exclusive AIRBORNE VIRUS INDEX
  • Up to 10 monitors per account
  • Use the “uHoo” app, your account is free
  • uHoo “LITE” supplies all the information you need about the air its monitoring at home or at work..
  • Data is sent directly to your smartphone
  • Gives advance notice of deteriorating air and possible causes.
  • You can record the effect on you and your family.
  • Share data instantly with family or colleagues
  • IFTTT enabled to activate air purifier

£330.00 Incl. VAT

uHoo "PRO"

For Commercial & Public Sector offices, Schools, Healthcare, Hotel & Leisure, Gyms and many more

  • Unlimited number of monitors per account
  • Use the “uHoo Business” app
  • Now with uHoo’s exclusive AIRBORNE VIRUS INDEX
  • World-class management dashboard
  • Upload floor plans; create “heat” maps
  • Fast download of data to CSV files
  • Integrates with BMS and latest Building Automation Systems e.g. Niagara 4.8 + JACE 8000
  • Create, assign and manage user access to data
  • Air quality reports
  • Custom data visualisation
  • API access for custom applications
  • Annual software subscription per monitor

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How polluted is the air you’re breathing? Do you really know?…uHoo does!

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