Immediately see if the indoor air quality is helping or impeding the survival of harmful viruses.

The legendary Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System – now with the amazing airborne virus index

World-class – Senses NINE parameters!

PLUS the airborne virus index!

Nitrogen Dioxide NO2, Particulates PM2.5 Carbon Dioxide CO2, Carbon Monoxide CO Volatile Organic Compounds tVOC Ozone O3…….. plus

Air condition:

Temperature °C, Humidity %RH, Air Pressure mBar

How polluted is the air you’re breathing?

Does the air quality support virus survival?

uHoo will show you on the airborne virus index

World-class uHoo “PRO” designed to integrate with SMART Building Automation Systems.

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uHoo Indoor Air Quality Monitors

uHoo "LITE"

Perfect for Homes and Small Businesses

  • The UK’s best monitor for homes and small businesses.
  • Now with uHoo’s exclusive AIRBORNE VIRUS INDEX
  • Up to 10 monitors per account
  • Use the “uHoo” app, your account is free
  • uHoo “LITE” supplies all the information you need about the air its monitoring at home or at work..
  • Data is sent directly to your smartphone
  • Gives advance notice of deteriorating air and possible causes.
  • You can record the effect on you and your family.
  • Share data instantly with family or colleagues
  • IFTTT enabled to activate air purifier

£330.00 Incl. VAT

uHoo "PRO"

For Commercial & Public Sector offices, Schools, Healthcare, Hotel & Leisure, Gyms and many more

  • Unlimited number of monitors per account
  • Use the “uHoo Business” app
  • Now with uHoo’s exclusive AIRBORNE VIRUS INDEX
  • World-class management dashboard
  • Upload floor plans; create “heat” maps
  • Fast download of data to CSV files
  • Integrates with BMS and latest Building Automation Systems e.g. Niagara 4.8 + JACE 8000
  • Create, assign and manage user access to data
  • Air quality reports
  • Custom data visualisation
  • API access for custom applications
  • Annual software subscription per monitor

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How polluted is the air you’re breathing? Do you really know?…uHoo does!

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